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Seattle To Portland - STP 2015


We are excited to have our first ever STP fund raiser! STP is one of the 10 biggest recreational bicycle rides in the United States that has been operating since 1979. The registration is restricted to 10,000 riders and many of these riders often re-purpose the event to increase awareness about a cause or raise funds for their charity.



About Our Cause

Care & Share is partnering with Kerala Sports Club to raise at least $5,000 to support our project to rehabilitate children with visual, auditory and multiple physical disabilities. Children when afflicted with this level of disabilities, there is rarely any institution that can empower them to meet their most basic day-to-day needs. National Association of Blind, Kerala Branch, is the only organization in Kerala providing services to such children. The project was started in 2008 with 26 kids in Trivandrum district, but since then has grown by fivefold, currently serving around 125 kids. Depending upon the severity, the kids are provided custom training either at NAB Kerala facility or at their houses. You can find more details about the project here and here.


About Our Team

Our team is aligned under STP veteran Roopesh Kelambath. All other members are on the STP route for the first time! The team has been practicing since March and steadily improved their performance from 20 miles to more than 100 miles a day. Looping Lake Sammmish and Lake Washington over the weekends and covering shorter distances during week days have been the main practice rides for the team. The team is confident of finishing 202 miles ride in two days. We wish them all the best for a safe and successful ride!


Our Bikers

Roopesh Kelambath Team Lead
Ashley Elenjickal
Mahesh Kamath
Shubha Rajaraman
Anjana Vinod
Mili George
Sudeep PK


How can you support

The team firmly believes in the cause they are riding for. You may support with a donation or make a pledge for the miles they cover. Even a 1 cent per mile we complete goes a long way! We look forward to your support.




For more information, please contact:

Ashley Elenjickal - 425 273 6021  elenjickal@hotmail.com

Roopesh Kelambath - 425 516 2595  roopesh@live.com

Mahesh Kamath - 425 463 7506  mahesh.kamath@gmail.com


Status of Funds Raised as of 7/18/2015

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