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Stand with us to support Special Education!

No part of the funds will be used for the event or other administrative expenses. 50% of your donation will go to Chaithanya Special School and the other 50% will go to Adarsh Special School. Event expenses are met through sponsorships.

About Bharatanatyam Charity Show "Thandav 2017"

This is a fundraising event to support the education of kids requiring special needs. Akhi Vadari along with the senior students Guru Smt. Vidyalakshmi Vinod will be performing few Bharatanatyam episodes for the benefit of students at Chaithanya Special School in Palakkad and Adarsh Special School in Ernakulam.

About Adarsh and Chaithanya Special Schools

Adarsh Charitable Trust, based in Kureekkad, Ernakulum, focuses on the rehabilitation of kids with cerebral palsy, autism and Down syndrome. They serve close to 340 children through their centers in two locations – Kureekkad and Vyttila. Another 110 kids receive services at home through their Home Based Rehabilitation(HBR) program.

On average, the cost involved for one child at Adarsh is around INR 2,000 ($30) per month. Of the total running cost, 50% comes through donation, 20% through government grants, and rest from the families. Only around 5% of the kids can afford to pay the full fee. Around 60% of the kids pay between 15% and 75%, depending upon their financial status. 35% of students are below the poverty line (BPL) and are served completely free of cost.

Chaithanya School is one of the fourteen special schools in Palakkad district, but this is the only one that caters the needs of children with profound disability and offers early intervention programs. 149 children attend the school and another set of children receive help through Community Based Rehabilitation(CBR) programs.

The average expense for a child at Chaithanya is almost same as Adarsh, around INR 1,950 ($30). They have a four tier fee structure depending upon the financial situation of the family. Full fees (its still subsidized) INR 750, reduced fees of INR 500 and INR 250, and then free. Only 3 children pay the full fees. 26 children pay the reduced fees. Rest of the kids are served free of cost including medicines, uniform, rice, and transportation. Of the total running cost for 2016-17, 48% came through donation, 22% from Government grants and 4.5% from the fees. The remaining were taken from Trust’s reserved funds. To function smoothly, Chaithanya must find 3 lakhs (appx $5,000) in a month through donations.

Special education is a cause that Care & Share has been supporting since our inception in 1990. In the last five years alone we have funded close to $125,000 to various special schools in India. We started supporting Adarsh and Chaithanya from 2015 after learning about them from their well wishers. If you would like to talk to their supporters who regularly volunteer in these schools let us know, we can get you connected.

From Adarsh School. Picture Courtesy Justin Loveland

About Akhi Vadari

Akhi is 15 years old and a sophomore at Eastlake High School in Sammamish. Akhi is very passionate about Performing Arts and has been performing since he was 7 years old. He simply loves to be on the stage and has delivered solo performances and acted in several shows at theaters such as ACT (Ramayana, Christmas Story), 5th Avenue (Cinderella) Seattle Children's Theater (Mulan, Snow White) and Seattle Opera (La Boheme).
Akhi started learning Bharthanatyam when he was 9 years old. Akhi is always eager to participate and show off his dancing skills year-round at events in the community such as NW Folk Life Festival, Redmond Ananda Mela, and temples such as HTCC, Sveta and Veda. In addition, he has performed with several local performance groups such as Surya Teja Arts (Adhi Parashakthi, Kumara Sambhavam), Pratidhwani (Yours Mallika), Kalanjali and others.
In his spare time, Akhi likes to either delve into ancient Indian scriptures and various works of literature and try his hand at choreographing those stories or learn about new trends in musical theatre and all aspects associated with it (direction, costumes and others).
He holds a first-degree black belt in Taekwondo. In addition to Indian classical dance, Akhi is an ardent student of Indian Classical singing and Western style singing and dancing as well, with a deep interest in all genres of dance and music. Akhi is founder of the non-profit organization “The House of Kala” focused on promoting Performing Arts with Youth in the community. This is his first venture with House of Kala and joining hands with Care and Share to raise funds to support the education of children with special needs.

About House of Kala

House of Kala  founded in 2016 in Seattle, is committed to educating the community at large about various art forms. It strives to provide a stable support system and a rich cultural experience for students and provide an opportunity for them to come together as a group to cultivate leadership skills and participate in community service.

About Nrityalaya School of Dance

Nrityalaya School of Dance founded in 2002 in Seattle, imparts quality training and inculcates excellence in the field of Indian dance. Their unique curriculum allows students to understand the art form through the systematic study of technique, culture, and representation of the finest form of Indian arts. Nrityalaya caters to a global audience, and has carved a niche for itself in Seattle.


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